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Exercises in Song 2008: it gets serious when you do banner adverts

Exercises in Song 2008 starts on Monday 1 December: that’s in two days’ time!. If you’re interested in literary experiments, silly drinking songs and the Oulipo school of verbal experimentation—and who isn’t, eh, hahaha?—then there’s more information on the Quiet … Continue reading

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If companies were dominoes then I'd have a pizza by now

Two days ago, I said to K: Construction and financial firms have suffered so far, but the high street’s been unscathed. That’s what we’ve been seeing, and that’s why everyone you interview in voxpops about the credit munch always says … Continue reading

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The truth about Woolworths

… is present in the myth of consumer empowerment: Capitalism is about power. That’s why so many elements of it are inexplicable. It is not, and has never been, about rewarding hard work. It’s about using a system that pretends … Continue reading

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Passion is not belief

I’ve been accused recently of harbouring a religious zeal about climate change: in fact, it’s been suggested by my attendance at a lecture given by Monbiot in the Sheldonian back in late 2006 formed the basis of a conversion narrative. … Continue reading

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What has been done will be done again

I was actually going to put a completely different title on the previous post, by the way. It ended up like the one before it out of both a desire for symmetry—for which read re-using out of laziness—and propriety. When … Continue reading

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I'm not a lawyer, but I play one in photo opportunities

My dad says he never uses indicators while in a car park, because legally you don’t have to. This comment was made a few weeks after he came back to his car, parked in a branch of Carrefour, to find … Continue reading

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I'm not a racist, but I do play one on the wireless

Yesterday, Sir Henry Woburn managed a wonderful juxtaposition on his early-morning Tory Funtime Hour. Shortly before 8am, he made a risky-for-the-BBC if banal racist joke about the Japanese—yes, he used the word “rubbery” at around 21.5 minutes—and followed that after … Continue reading

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