Another Pocketful of Lies, free to your door this Christmas

For those of you not paying much attention (I don’t blame you), Quiet little Lies has had a new revamp, quieter but more fundamental than before. Expect new content, more often. There’s even a LiveJournal syndication for those who fancy it.

We’re also offering a third free booklet of fiction to your door in time for this Christmas. Previous Pocketfuls of Lies have been generally fantastically well received, but we’ve got a biggy for you this year. Cross this with this and you might be somewhere close. Everyone likes a singalong, right?

There’ll also be a tie-in on the site, with an advent calendar consisting of a new published article on the site every day (NaBloPoMo eat your bloody heart out, I say).

Interested? Order a copy here. It’s all free. Because we love you.

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