Yes, we can (all of a sudden, like)

monkeyhands wonders whether first-time voters couldn’t have made it to the booths a bit sooner:

Waiting for the perfect presidential candidate before you deign to cast a vote is like waiting for your parents to stop being homophobic before you tell them you’re gay. It’s giving yourself an excuse not to act, an excuse not to risk anything.

If you’d got off your backside in 2004, perhaps John Kerry would be the guy now waiting to clock off at the White House. If you’d taken an hour or so out of your schedule in 2000, perhaps we’d have had Al Gore as US president. Perhaps there would already be a more inclusive healthcare system and a decent minimum wage. Perhaps the US wouldn’t be producing a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and perhaps people around the world wouldn’t be dying in their thousands from the effects of climate change.

I certainly won’t be voting in the UK until the leader of one of the main political parties is either Thom Yorke or a fennec fox. A vote for anything less is a vote wasted.

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