Wanted: PDF printing in Oxford

Ah. I need to be able to print two small PDFs, fairly soonish. They’d need to be duplex, and one of them needs to be printed two pages to a side. Anyone any thoughts on where to do this in Oxford(-shire, at a push)? They’d have to be fairly clued up, whoever they are: I probably wouldn’t be the one doing the printing as I can’t get in from Charlbury during the day and all my forthcoming weekends are in other cities.

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4 Responses to Wanted: PDF printing in Oxford

  1. A4? How many copies? How many sheets? Full colour? Timescale?

    Depending on your answers I may be able to do this for you if you wouldn’t mind me doing it in London and bringing the hard copies back.

  2. hatmandu says:

    For smaller fringe jobs we’ve used Stuprint – very cheap (I think they’re just a broker), PDF-friendly, worth asking them at least. stuprint@gmail.com (Not based anywhere in particular: send stuff by email, get back by post/courier.)

  3. Owen says:

    There’s Press to Print on Gloucester Green (oxford@presstoprint.co.uk) – could you ask them first thing Saturday?

  4. sbalb says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions: and thanks especially to Brennig, who kindly printed a master for me and brought it out to Charlbury.

    Photocopying will be less of an issue (I hope) and I should be able to fit that in either a lunchtime this week or on Friday. That might not be enough for the two interational post orders to get there before Christmas, but that’s frankly my fault.

    Next year, once my resolution not to buy any new, slightly frivolous electrical gizmos expires, I think a printer will be on our shopping list.

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