"The only thing I depend on is my Colt 45"

“It’s funny how the Independent has policies that the general public don’t know about, but press officers all do.”


“Like how they never report anything about Greenpeace, and they’ll only report something about the Royal Family if it’s a marriage or a death. It’s policies like that which make the Independent what it is today, the fastest declining newspaper in terms of circulation.”

“I suppose it’s set itself up as the Channel 4 of newspapers. It wants to be all edgy and maverick, but just comes across as shouty and a bit thick.”

“Yeah. Although I think it does try to be independent of all political parties.”

“Ahhh, I’m never sure about that. If you declare yourself independent of all political parties you’re basically aligning yourself with the manifesto of the most libertarian party at any given time. Like, everything’s political, even declaring an act to be apolitical.”

“Hm, maybe. I don’t even know what the most libertarian party would be these days. Probably the BNP.”

“Mainstream, probably Lib Dems, just about.”

“Anyway, I’m always a bit suspicious of anyone who says they’re a libertarian.”

“Ha, yeah.”

“Too often they’re actually saying ‘I’m an Asperger and I want my own gun.'”

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2 Responses to "The only thing I depend on is my Colt 45"

  1. looby says:

    I forget the source now but I saw quite a funny sketch about two newspaper editors arguing over what could go on the front page in a deathly quiet day for news. “This isn’t the Independent” one said to another. “We can’t just put a picture of a dolphin on the front and say ‘Oceans: It’s Time To Act’.”

    I need to have an orientation to a newspaper, even if it’s one of dislike and suspicion, but I don’t know how to position myself in relation to the Independent.

  2. sbalb says:

    That’s how they get you.

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