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When they turn up, it's time to leave

Bad journalism should not be mistaken for bad research. For example, via Brennig comes an instance of the BBC casually and cavalierly cutting and pasting from the inaugural speech. This is pretty low, but hardly a surprise. It’s certainly no … Continue reading

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I've just found the silver lining

I console myself with the fact that she like others might not be an estate agent for much longer. FALCO: Fuckall and Buyhard, Witney. Like dayglo colours and electronic music, the closure of estate agents is back in fashion.

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I'll doctor your fucking rugs

An open letter to the staff at Rug Doctor: Dear Rug Doctors, Having just returned, boiling with rage, from a failed attempt to hire one of your carpet cleaners from the local DIY centre, I’m writing to tell you that … Continue reading

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There was only one John Martyn

The timing of this week’s ebbs and flows of work seemed almost destined to prevent me from mentioning the sad loss of John Martyn before burkesworks might comment on it. Only fair: he introduced me to Martyn, and is a … Continue reading

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PETA cheese starts to stink

Misogynist, misguided, cake-headed, fake-furred, philosophically challenged starey-eyed vegaloons PETA continue to objectify women with their advertising campaigns, also merely incidentally saying something or other about, oh, vegetarianism or whatever. Stop thinking and look at the norks, you peasants. PETA embody … Continue reading

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small dot beds and dot large at bears dot bbc at and dot com

The BBC has twin, conflicting pressures that give its web presence a certain flavour. On the one hand, because public service broadcasting does have a certain freedom, then it can adopt technologies quite early, if only on the small scale. … Continue reading

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Drop change, not bombs: no, wait

Guantanemo Bay is scheduled for closure and aid is being distributed where it does most good rather than by the extent to which it conforms to an ideology. But let’s not forget that, although Obama is now president of the … Continue reading

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