Generic New Year Blogpost

Posts by Brennig and Looby have reminded me that I’m coming to the end of the ideal time for both retrospective and forward-looking blog posts about these two years, the border of which last night, pumped up on port and Singstar, I bestrode like a Colossus, singing the only male-vocalist songs on the CDs in a croaky imitation of Jake Shears.

I’m not much given to re-reading Small Beds, partly to avoid finding myself in jawdroppingly astonished disagreement with whatever idiot wrote that rubbish some months ago. Also, I think the strength of the blog format is in its simplicity, in its breaking-down of the artificial complexities in which content was entangled, back in 2000 or so, when technology made all things possible and that was what everyone was trying to do simultaneously: all things. That’s as good an excuse as any for not ploughing through my outdated witterings.

Still, you might like a picture of the somewhat OCD turn-of-year happenings chez Petits-Lits. K. and I don’t do resolutions so much as targets and goals. So one of my goals might be (hint: it isn’t) “make Small Beds internationally renowned”. That’s very much out of my control and hard to measure, though, so I might add underneath:

  • Write a blisteringly insightful post a month about foreign affairs
  • Pick fight with Drudge Report by end of March
  • Pick confusingly similar fight with Daily Kos by end of June: call Kos a “weak-chinned upstart”
  • Send mocking letters to Vladimir Putin in order to stoke controversy (note: will have to cancel doorstep milk deliveries, just in case)

I’ll know in my heart when the targets are enough to support, in good faith, the goals. And I’ll be able to tick off the targets through the year and know if the wind

It’s all about self-trust, of course, as you could write down whatever you fancied and make it fuzzy enough to always be able to put a tick by it. That’s why I haven’t bothered beating myself up over unticked targets and missed goals (of which there were several this year, despite it being a good twelve months): after all, I already know as much as I’m going to know why it went wrong, if indeed it did in terms of my life as a whole.

Remember: resolutions are meant to support and nurture one’s good behaviour, not to make the individual feel even less motivated when confronted by their own bad behaviour. Demotivation is what deadlines are for.

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