Beat that, reality!

While I spent Christmas at my in-laws, my—hatmandu’s—ancient purple iMac slept; so did my podcast subscriptions along with it. Given that there was already a lot of smashing programmes on Speechification that I was footshufflingly avoiding spending the time to listen to thoroughly, then my poor iTunes was full to bursting by the time I rediscovered podcasts a week or two ago.

One of those neglected podifications was This Reality, rantings and tunes currently both assembled and pushed out into the cold January streets by local wit, raconteur and PDF printer Brennig Jones. I’m catching up with it now, including the last episode before Christmas, released some time between the end of my first bout of head colds and the start of our journey to Cardiff, in which yours truly wins some schwag. I suppose blogging about it means it’s now payola.

Brennig and others are also also kicking off the Reality Beats tour, partly off the back of the podcast, at some as-yet-unspecified post-summer time in the new year, which should touch down however briefly in Oxford. If it does, then I promise not to spend the whole of August and September in Cardiff with my in-laws. Apart from anything else, I’ve got some podcasts to catch up on.

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One Response to Beat that, reality!

  1. Brennig says:

    Aw, bless you for the namechecks. 🙂

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