Neglect your political husbandry and parasites will creep in

Late last night I ran out of time and, fearful of the onset of a migraine, didn’t commit this to blog publication. Political bloggers far better than I— especially septicisle—have summarized events better than I might.

Much as feminism is first and foremost about equality and not about misandry, the anger at imported labour at Lindsey Oil Refinery is a reaction against capitalist exploitation rather than racial differences. The workers effectively shipped over do not constitute “foreign labour.” They constitute “cheap labour,” assigned as a block without recourse to a recruitment process which would select the most skilled workers regardless of race and nationality.

Nobody knows what’s in the contracts for reasons of intentional opacity I mean commercial confidentiality, but the profit motive—reasonable enough, in its place—would imply that, whatever the per-capita pay rates of the employees concerned, this has been done to make the process more amenable to the bottom lines of all companies involved. But when Unite are consulting their lawyers as to the state of employment practices in the construction industry, you have to wonder if Peter Mandelson actually knows what protectionism looks like.

The recent pest problems we’ve had in the house have if nothing else taught us that, when you neglect to keep your house in order, vermin will begin to occupy the areas you tend to the least. With that in mind, note that Unity at the Ministry of Truth has done some digging and found the fat, greasy fingerprints of the BNP over the “British Wildcats” website. That left-leaning politicos have yielded so much of their own unionized ground to bullying racists speaks volumes about the etiolated state of mainstream politics, but it was tremendously heartening to see the BNP given the bum’s rush at Lindsey (at approx. 2:20, via).

If the movement of labour were really free, then anyone could apply for these jobs and be judged on their personal merits. All too often, workers only lose their chains piecemeal, if and when their employers find it of benefit to themselves.

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2 Responses to Neglect your political husbandry and parasites will creep in

  1. Brennig says:

    Thanks for the info. Mandy is such an… interesting person.

  2. sbalb says:

    I feel utterly ambivalent about Mandelson. I like the idea of him because he’s (a) intelligent (b) foolish in that way that intelligent people are when they get too cocky, and (c) more or less open about his sexuality, despite being in a thumpingly heterosexual environment. Broadly speaking, if revolutions were to happen I would always side with the unhealthy, weakling intelligentsia.

    But in the same way that Thatcher utterly discarded all the political interests of her largely oppressed gender when she came to power—and was far worse in many ways than the man she was pretending to be might have been—or in the same way that George Galloway can rouse the desire to punch his face off in even his core supporter group—Mandelson does the reputation of his own demographics no favours at all by being such an awful, scheming, smarmy, manipulative shit.

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