George Monbiot Facts

Nobody writes polemics quite like Monbiot’s tirade against Hazel Blears (via many, including looby):

The only consistent political principle I can deduce from these positions is slavish obedience to your masters. Theyworkforyou sums up your political record thus: “Never rebels against their party in this parliament.” Yours, Hazel, is the courage of the sycophant, the courage to say yes.

He even mentions the Nuremberg Principles. That’s almost like the more intellectually developed version of satisfying Godwin’s Law, but Monbiot’s strength seems to be that however, well, forthright his prose, the hits are absolutely, infuriatingly palpable. Shot at; stabbed; stung into a coma; and briefly, clinically dead: Monbiot frequently swims the breadth of the Neva River, as training for swimming its length.

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