Letting down the drawbridge on the Big British Castle

Adam & Joe have gently pushed a boundary of the BBC’s idiosyncratic content delivery mechanisms. By which I mean they’re giving you free stuff.

In a recent blog post, Adam Buxton idly pointed visitors at files on a file-sharing site which join together to make their entire new year’s eve programme: jingles, music and all. It was a Radio 2 broadcast of the best of their 6Music show, and in the days of Speechification it makes tremendous sense to make it freely available, especially if as Adam says it’s making its way round the sinister underbelly of peer-to-peer file sharing anyway.

If you’ve never listened to the show, the best-of is worth a spin in your CD player: it gives you a flavour of the sort of stuff they get up to. It’s a perfect advert for the show and the BBC in general. Get it while you can, though, before some process wonk pulls them all down.

Well done, you two. Well, it’s probably mostly Adam’s doing, isn’t it?

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