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Put it in a microwave until its Bill Withers

A few weeks ago, as I was exhausting myself up the slow sweep of single track on the way to work, I heard a loud honking sound from behind me. What I thought might have been some sort of waterfowl … Continue reading

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A touch of bucolic

There are phantom cows in a field near our offices. The horses chew the grass at one end of the enclosure, accompanied by a pony who spent a whole summer two years ago pretending to be their foal, in order … Continue reading

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Now we can all stop being stupid, right?

I’d seen the Age of Stupid before last night’s premiere, being involved very tangentially at one point. I remember when the lights went up at the end on that occasion, and many of the people in the audience—the majority of … Continue reading

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Wheel'd round in my diurnal course

Tonight I cycled home during both a moonrise and a sunset. The sky to the west was cloudless, shading from a liquid blue to a sort of strawberry pink at the horizon, with the moon peach-coloured and sitting on it; … Continue reading

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In age we learn; in youth we underrate

I was recently introduced to Charles Dickens by j4. Some twelve years ago I gave up on A Tale of Two Cities in disgust, finding it waffling and turgid; yet since the start of 2009 I’ve been engrossed in j4’s … Continue reading

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