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The early bird gets it in the neck

Brennig wonders how anyone could ring anyone else at 2.30am about a car. All I can add in terms of data points is that my birthday began earlier than I had planned this morning, as someone who’s either a quondam … Continue reading

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The noble and ancient game of House!

Expect the current quiet on this blog to continue for some time. K. and I are currently in the process of starting the process of processing the eventual process of buying a house. Our most recent discovery is that ringing … Continue reading

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Let us celebrate this monumental progress!

Forward! with the great people’s construction project! May great successes befall the imagining of your beneficient representation through the medium of collectively owned urban transport infrastructure! Celebrate the greatness of both our interpersonal bonds and the proletariat’s cultural simplicity, through … Continue reading

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Who the hell are you?

While planning on the phone for his arrival in Oxford tomorrow, I just referred to Looby as, er, Looby. He isn’t called Looby. Well, you know: any more than I’m called “sbalb” or “smallbeds”. It confused him quite a bit, … Continue reading

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Awaiting delivery of blue plaque in next few weeks

Oxfringe is huge this year, so huge that I can’t quite believe I had anything to do with it ages ago (and am quite glad I’m not having anything to do with it any more, having more than enough on … Continue reading

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On the side of the funny-looking angels

There’s a set of animals which, on my journeys home, have a particular quality that I’d describe—if pushed—as eldritch. Horses, deer, barn owls. All of these animals stir some atavistic sense of wonder and fear inside me, and when they … Continue reading

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Thus is the poor agent despised!

Quick quiz: which side of the road do you drive on in the UK? That’s right: the left-hand side! Unless, that is, you’re AP05 DWW, a van from what appeared to be an utterly ungoogleable Oxford company called “Agency”. According … Continue reading

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