Awaiting delivery of blue plaque in next few weeks

Oxfringe is huge this year, so huge that I can’t quite believe I had anything to do with it ages ago (and am quite glad I’m not having anything to do with it any more, having more than enough on my plate). There are dozens of acts, with John Hegley headlining at the Jac du Pré next Saturday.

Words can’t express how much of a “well done” is due to the organizers, who’ve achieved what I certainly don’t think I could ever have managed to get even close to achieving. Besides, despite running away from any possibility of involvement I still ended up caught up in an entirely different set of conferences and other conferences, so I’d be as much use as a wet rag by now if I’d have got involved.

And anyway I’m still tenaciously linked to the week-and-more of gorgeous cultural wotnot. K. and I, you see, are providing bed and board to the laconic self-deprecating Lancastrian comedy gold that is Cliff Laine, star of the upcoming Playhouse show John Cage’s Disco Classics:

My mother said, ‘Albert, there’s two things in life. Take preventative measures during full relations, and never mix experimental performance art with disco-funk classics. John Cage? Genius. Barry White? Inspired. Just not together.’ But I’m 44 now and you’ve got to make your own mistakes, haven’t you?

If he throws the telly out of his attic bedroom window then there’ll be words. Especially as we don’t have a telly.

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4 Responses to Awaiting delivery of blue plaque in next few weeks

  1. looby says:

    Oh dear, mutually-referenced blogs. Bit of a mwah minefield isn’t it?

  2. Hatmandu says:

    Just to add to the mwah-fest… ta for the shoutout! (Though, technically, I’m not an organiser of it any more, either. Yeah, right.) I’m sorry that I’ll probably miss Cliff’s show again – and indeed most of the fringe die to work insanity in the daytime and baby care in the evenings. Ah well. Next year. Yikes: next year.

  3. sbalb says:

    Most of the fringe die? That’s awful.

    I’m just making a list of what I want to see. I’d have opined with a wagging finger beforehand, that a fringe incorporating Easter Weekend was a terrible idea, but I just realised that I’d be able to actually go to things on Friday, and not worry about hangovers when drinking on Thursday. It might have turned out to be a stroke of genius. I stand corrected: that’s happening a lot these days.

    By next year he’ll be toddling, of course. You can have him handing out fliers. You’re in luck as I don’t think the Climbing Boys Act covers that.

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