The noble and ancient game of House!

Expect the current quiet on this blog to continue for some time. K. and I are currently in the process of starting the process of processing the eventual process of buying a house. Our most recent discovery is that ringing round solicitors for a quote is somehow more soul-destroying than ringing round estate agents: at least with estate agents, you feel you have a good reason to work up a really good froth of rage at the unavoidable misery of it all.

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5 Responses to The noble and ancient game of House!

  1. Brennig says:

    Just go to a conveyancer. No need for a solicitor.

    • sbalb says:

      Thanks for the advice, but (intake of breath)… given that we’ve just instructed a solicitor, and I’ve never heard of conveyancers as being separate entities, and I wouldn’t know where to start in finding one, and we’ve spent hours already deciding on the solicitor and working out what disbursements are and what local searches we need and a rough price range, I don’t think I can quite deal with reopening that particular can of worms at this late stage. We go on holiday tomorrow as well.

      Remember, we’re first-time buyers: we haven’t got a fucking clue. Keep that in mind when you offer advice, that you’re basically advising numpties. I’d flee for the hills instead if I were you.

  2. looby says:

    Next time, do it yourself. Really. I’ve conveyanced two houses. It’s glorfied clerical work. I really hope you don’t see this till you’re back, but retrospectively then…happy hols.

  3. sbalb says:

    I’m sure you’re both right. Next time we’ll think about doing it ourselves or getting the conveyancing done by a non-solicitor boxticker, but to be quite honest if we’d done it this time then given everything we’ve found out by trial and error then we could easily have panicked the vendor by coming across as idiots.

    And the hols were very happy, ta muchly.

  4. alantru says:

    My wife and I bought a house last year and we lucked out in that we got a husband/wife team who were more concerned about our needs than selling us a house. It took six months and over 100 different open houses but they never flagged. Even when we found the house of our dreams and started to panic (at the bank) when we were about to put in the offer, all they said was. “If this doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it.” Bless ’em.

    We bought the house.

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