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Heat is a motion; expansive, restrained, and acting in its strife

I love the prospect of sunny days in the early summer: the brightness of the light, everything coming into bloom, the remaining moistness of spring adding a vital air that’s absent later in the season. But rather counterintuitively all of … Continue reading

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Hooray for toll bridges

When I first heard someone complaining in the local press about it taking them forty minutes to get into Oxford from west Oxfordshire, my immediate reaction was: so what? That sounds about right, and if you have the misfortune to … Continue reading

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Always the Seamus old story

Longstanding Bedswatchers will remember my brief assignation with recruiter Ron from Ashton Carthorse. I’ve not heard from Ron since then, and often I wonder what might have happened to him, whether his mother still has that sciatica, and if Barnesy … Continue reading

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Put my HIP out

Buying a house is simultaneously dull and fascinating: dulled by the sheer weight of process and documentation you have to wade through; but enlivened by the way that it impinges on faintly esoteric matters of property law and rightful ownership, … Continue reading

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