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Simplicity, simplistic and just plain simple

We’ve finally spent all of our wedding-gift Ikea vouchers, thank Christ. Not that we weren’t grateful for receiving them in the first place, of course: the final bill was reduced by an order of magnitude, which was a welcome surprise. … Continue reading

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Switch off, delve in, flake out

The stress of buying a house takes all the wind and bluster out of one, which is why there’s been so little posted here recently. I’ve been almost too busy to be angry about things, not that you’d know if … Continue reading

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On the home straight

This is a short entry to keep you all updated as to why I’ve not been posting here. As of around four p.m. today, K. and I are now legally committed to buying a house, and we get full ownership … Continue reading

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Y mi mama tambien

Most of the days at our parents’ Breton cottage ended up with a lot of red wine and some DVDs. Given that the restaurants that didn’t close were a car journey away and only served meat with meat, it was … Continue reading

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