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Anhedonia sucks but it keeps me cheery

I’m off to a conference tomorrow for a day or two tomorrow. It’s possibly the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had to better myself in my career and in a community I respect, and a great responsibility for me to help … Continue reading

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There's a hole in the room where my futon goes

Living between two houses has started to become quite hard work. Apart from having to keep mental inventories of each house—I’ve spent three house trips forgetting to have both tape measure and opportunity to work out what size of non-dimmer … Continue reading

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Ikea lifted something heavy from a van

As I haven’t written much here recently, my regular readership has probably dwindled to the level where it’s unlikely that anyone will remember, still less care about, our experiences with Ikea. Although they ended on something of a cliffhanger, the … Continue reading

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There seems no swine flu because we've all got swine flu

I’ve been ill. And it’s quite possible that I’ve had swine flu. When the disease isn’t busy being more infectious or—rarely—fatal than normal flu, its symptoms are meant to be reminiscent of either weak flu or a severe cold. Also, … Continue reading

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