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Deer imprudence

Early autumn sunlight is like an orange spacehopper bouncing round the garden. It cheers up and buffets the landscape, turning it golder and golder as the sun sets, bleaching it back to normal colours as it rises again. This morning … Continue reading

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SOME people have written critical blogposts abotu our notes!!!

The local branch of Sue Ryder is fed up of having post-carboot leavings dropped on its doorstep when it’s closed on a Sunday. Fair enough, I suppose: it turns out they can’t use the donations and have to pay a … Continue reading

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Heading back west

By now we’re pretty much (re-)settled in the rural idyll that is west Oxfordshire. We’ve almost entirely finished cleaning the old house—a nightmare to do anything with, as the slightest act of leaning on something to give it a bit … Continue reading

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French fries are about the best they can come up with

French cuisine is fucking awful, isn’t it? Not French food so much: I know people who’ve eaten some and enjoyed it. But cuisine, the artistry and craftsmanship of cooking, is pretty much dead in France. Ignorant, thick-headed, ritualistic, closed to … Continue reading

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I love Paris in the conference season

Paris was lovely, apart from the food (more on that later.) With alternately gloriously late-summer sunny and heartlessly mid-July rainy—like the most Parisian of love affairs—and with beautiful parks and fantastic architecture, it was a city to melt the heart. … Continue reading

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I woke up early to THIS?

It’s raining in Paris. Great umbrellasful of rain, refusing to soak through surfaces as though they were newly waxed, and pouring off the tarmac into the tramlines by the Cité Universitaire, thence down those metal channels as though they were … Continue reading

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