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David Cameron: also putting political agenda ahead of principle

Bloggerheads has recently written yet more about the scandalous behaviour and recalcitrance of Patrick Mercer MP (a blogpost from which I take my title). Mercer’s involvement with all sorts of untrustworthy characters is the gift that keeps on giving for … Continue reading

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Volte-face, post-haste

One of the tasks you have to attend to (desultorily) when you move house is changing one’s address with banks, utility companies and now the DVLA. Last night I had just finished addressing envelopes for both licence and car registration, … Continue reading

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The councillor's nearly-new clothes cannot be left at this depot

When an organization endorses a sign, then what that sign says (and what happens to it) reflects on that organization. Just as the attitude of fast food giants to the planet is best reflected in their tacit acceptance of their … Continue reading

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Outside the beer festival the season is brewing its own

With luck, mid- to late autumn can yield a real treat. The few weeks before the clocks go back exhibit an odd societochronological phenomenon (bless you!) whereby one can commute in the light of first a rising, then a setting, … Continue reading

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Problem exists between experiment and researcher

I’ve been a Popperian for years. That’s not to say I’m a fan of Robert Popper (although I am); rather that I susbscribe broadly to Karl Popper’s philosophy of science. The basic tenet of it is that science advances only … Continue reading

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You won't believe it!

Blogging at The Sun – Tabloid Lies, D-Notice links to an article on the Sun’s website, where some woman was filming her baby and there’s odd sounds on the tape. I won’t say any more than that about the particular … Continue reading

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