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Realising that advent can start before December

I’m my mother’s son. Yesterday K. kindly let me put the decorations up. I spend every November awaiting the start of December, fidgeting in my seat like a little kid in need of a wee. Christmas lunch with my Granddad … Continue reading

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Cargo-cult capitalism

Witney’s branch of Cargo closed recently. Fair enough, I thought, but it did so only to reopen in a far bigger store space (where New Look used to be). I give it six months. Cargo’s an odd store. It’s like … Continue reading

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Can you tweet me, mother?

I’ve never thought of myself as the sort of internet junkie that can’t last more than an hour or so without tweeting, blogging or checking something online. I tend to be a briefly toe-dipping early adopter, then later on a … Continue reading

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A later "Tom and Jerry" when the two of them could talk

Momus has discussed the late-70s/early-80s life and times of Alberto Camerini in a recent post. It was in the context of a recent BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia, and he helpfully links to the first ten minutes of the documentary for … Continue reading

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Cut off the telephone

I was going to publish this article here, but he deserves more than mere pseudonymity. It should explain some of what I’ve been up to recently, anyway.

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No light, but rather darkness visible

When the weather isn’t miserable of an evening, the night-time commute makes for a good cycle. Before the light pollution in Witney really takes over the sky, the landscape is picked out in cool shades of blue-white: from the moon … Continue reading

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I'm not actually related to bears

I’ve been trying with little success to buy a birthday card in Witney for my Granddad. The town has three card shops of note, not including gifty-wifty craft shops which sell cards with hand-affixed twine and sticks for the cost … Continue reading

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