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Too small for my boots

Last week I went skiing with work. How lucky am I? Well, given I’m not the sort of person who would necessary like skiing—an extrovert’s sport, with potential for showing off and excessive consumption, both of which I grumpily frown … Continue reading

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Small tasks but immensely strong

The past four weeks we’ve been spending more time in—and I suppose on—the garden. Any proper gardener would be warning us to begin in earnest right now (and probably sucking in his teeth when he did so) but as we … Continue reading

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Weather forecast for tonight: dark

Continuing to live in Oxford and its shire, first as a graduate, then as a publishing junior, now as a senior geek, has meant that many of the Proustian experiences that might call forth some halcyon day or other have … Continue reading

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Growing to like it

We don’t have much of a garden, in both senses: the plot behind the house isn’t particularly large; and what there is of it isn’t much of a garden. The previous owner’s dog burnt off much of the lawn with … Continue reading

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A happy ending in Dorset

Over two years ago, I called out Dorset Cereals on their use of palm oil. Moving house and other nonsense intervened, and it was only recently I was able to start chasing them again. Their packaging still had palm oil … Continue reading

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