A happy ending in Dorset

Over two years ago, I called out Dorset Cereals on their use of palm oil. Moving house and other nonsense intervened, and it was only recently I was able to start chasing them again. Their packaging still had palm oil listed among the ingredients, so in the aftermath of a Panorama programme about palm oil devastation I decided to take advantage of a rather localized twitstorm to start poking the Dorset Cereals Twitter account.

I was rather pleased by the eventual reply:

Just to let you know we don’t use palm oil in any products,see http://bit.ly/dkRFJT

It turns out that they’re still using their old packaging, because so much of it was printed prior to their decision to exclude palm oil. I don’t know how I feel about that particular detail: I’m an advocate myself of waste-not-want-not, but not to the extent of packaging having misleading lists of ingredients. A sticker would have helped.

Still, at least all their cereal is now wanting is a sticker, and not a wholesale greenwash. Now if they can stop Waitrose putting fake “special offer” notices on their products I might actually start buying them again.

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