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If you want to get ahead, get a helmet. Or don't.

To the editor of Cycle, the CTC magazine: Sir, It’s always a shame to see factions of CTC cyclists still arguing with each other over whether one “ought” to either wear, or be forced to wear, a helmet. The argument … Continue reading

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Lass singen, Gesell; lass rauschen

Whenever I want to write about Dan—apart from maybe the one obligatory and valedictory post—I worry that I’m leaving myself open to charges of solipsism, or at any rate a slight self-obsession and wallowing in it all. It’s all too … Continue reading

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Brittany Ferries accept vegetarians exist, just about

In the most recent LRB, Stephen Shapin reviews Michael Steinberger’s book about the fall of French cuisine. While Steinberger’s frankly bizarre neoliberal, uncontrollable-market afterwords can probably be discarded, the basic premise—that French cuisine is ossified and tedious—is one with which … Continue reading

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