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What not to ask about what to wear

I’ve developed a theory, that drivers who feel they need to advise cyclists on sartorial matters do so as a displacement activity. It helps them ignore the stark fact that their own driving skills have so sorely degraded that they … Continue reading

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People who agonized over these decisions also agonized over

While we’re on the subject of commerce, it’s worth revising a couple of my longstanding resolutions with regards to online purchases. If nothing else, exposing my hypocrisy at least makes me feel less like I’m being wilfully misleading and more … Continue reading

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A shop in your palm is worth two that are shut

I’m not one to romanticise the late and popularly lamented Oxford branch of Gill’s. I’ve turned up at its door towards the end of a Saturday shopping in Oxford enough times—I think three—only to find it closed early. I have … Continue reading

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Fall, off a bus

Since waxing lyrical about cycling I’ve had a strikingly hallucinatory epiphany where a clump of trees suddenly turned into burning bushes as the last rays of the setting sun hit them; I’ve fixed a puncture in the pitch black by … Continue reading

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