What not to ask about what to wear

I’ve developed a theory, that drivers who feel they need to advise cyclists on sartorial matters do so as a displacement activity. It helps them ignore the stark fact that their own driving skills have so sorely degraded that they find berating vulnerable road users preferable to giving them their legal due; that their powers of observation, and their ability to implement safe and considerate manoeuvers, are such that they would no longer pass the basic driving test; that they have ultimately become a hazard that others have to work around, as if their motor vehicles were instead stray, skittish, stupid farmyard animals.

Either that, or their vast banks of unexamined privilege have piled up to the extent that they have utterly obscured the sight of reality. They still think that there are, or at any rate damn well should be, sumptuary laws in place to keep the proles in line; or that victims can still be judged on whether they are wearing a fluorescent jacket, or a little black dress. They don’t realise that society has gradually moved thataway. Since, you know, the Tudors.

Regardless… bear in mind, you driver who decides to tell a cyclist what to wear: not only is SMIDSY no longer a valid excuse in law, but also you’re the one putting yourself in an oversized metal body suit every morning. So who are you to talk about what people should and shouldn’t be wearing? You’re probably not even Lady Gaga. If you are Lady Gaga, please ignore the above.

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2 Responses to What not to ask about what to wear

  1. Silk says:

    Sorry mate, I didn’t see your blog

  2. sbalb says:

    That’s OK. I just overtook you while you were waiting at the next RSS feed, went into the cycle search filter, then gobbed a greenie through your firewall and into your inbox. PWNED.

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