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Helping out a badass in need

My granddad is nearly ninety. He was a badass in the Second World War, and I love him. He joined the 24th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery when he was 17. Not long after, he found himself on the … Continue reading

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Make way for the self-made man

Until maybe two months ago, I could only tell you so much about Edwyn Collins. He did “A Girl Like You,” and was in Orange Juice, who were on Postcard Records, which were something Scottish and exclusive and indie, oh, … Continue reading

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Waes hal

The countryside in this year’s autumn has so far waxed energetically and boisterously. Like a second juvenescence, it has poured forth ripening, rotting and then withering fruit, and shed golden leaves like a harvest. The glorious late-autumn sun has caught … Continue reading

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Laws are meant to be broken except when they're not

A year or so ago my dad was driving K, my mum and me around a Witney car park. He kept having to brake suddenly, largely because he wasn’t indicating, and other cars were cutting him up. That’s nothing unusual … Continue reading

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