This blog has now moved to

Hello. If you’re reading this at anywhere other than, you’re reading it in the wrong place.

All posts should redirect to their new URLs for now. Please let me know if anything has gone horribly wrong. If you’ve linked to this blog, you should eventually update those links, as this domain will not last forever.

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3 Responses to This blog has now moved to

  1. Janet says:

    I doubt if you were losing sleep over this, but I got LiveJournal to update the feed url for the syndicated thingummy for your blog. (So if you get an attack of the Russian spammers, it’s probably my fault. Also, blah blah Dreamwidth blah blah blah?)

    • smallbeds says:

      I sort of was. LiveJournal’s code is generally such massive fail that I’d resigned myself to not getting all annoyed over the fact that, last time I checked, I couldn’t update an RSS feed URL once a feed was “burnt” as an LJ account. Because of this LJ was actually referencing the feed, not from my own-hosted WordPress, but from the own-hosted Blosxom installation I had before it. But it looks like they exposed that. Or maybe it was there all along but only the LJ feed’s original burner had permissions to change it.

      Despite that resignation above, deep down I was rather sad about losing whatever readership LJ gives me. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a lovely.

  2. looby says:

    My experience of changing addresses, is, unfortunately, of losing several readers. For some reason there’s an almost social / cultural / technological resistance to updating bookmarks and RSS feeds. I lost many interesting people when I very stupidly forgot to renew the domain. Someone bought it and tried to sell it back to me for 55 pounds!

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