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Authorship, once gazed upon, can never be erased

One of my reasons for moving this blog to was that I wanted to largely dissociate it from myself: that is, my public self, my employer, my real-life friends. This wasn’t just to be able to make sarcastic remarks … Continue reading

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The squeaky steel gets a tweak

I’m not one to succumb to driver privilege. For example, a co-worker recently began a discussion with the phrase: “The problem with having a car is that, although they’re basically completely necessary, they..;” and while the decorum of the situation … Continue reading

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Terranean homesick browns

While discussing the double naming, in Greek then Latin, of the moth species selenia lunularia, Martin of Martin’s Moths mentions Pendle Hill, commenting that name consists of the word “hill” in three different languages: Cumbric, Old English and then current … Continue reading

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Oral history is not always evenly edited

And in the council they resolved to go to┬áIreland, and to leave seven men as princes here, and Caradoc ap Bran as the chief of them and their seven knights. These men were left in Edeyrnion; for this reason the … Continue reading

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New life this spring

My good friends addedentry and j4, regularly mentioned here as you might notice, are to be congratulated on the birth of their daughter yesterday morning, only a few minutes into Thursday. Little I. is a sweet, sleepy scrap of a … Continue reading

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Loud gets louder

I’m sure next door never used to be so loud. Not Hugo and Chavette, who have largely settled down since the early days; but Brian and Sharon. I’d forgotten that from the very early days they’ve been a source of … Continue reading

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