Oral history is not always evenly edited

And in the council they resolved to go to Ireland, and to leave seven men as princes here, and Caradoc ap Bran as the chief of them and their seven knights. These men were left in Edeyrnion; for this reason the seven knights were placed in the town.

Now the names of these seven were: Caradoc ap Bran, and Hefeydd Hir, and Unic Glew Ysgwyd, and Iddic ap Anarawc Gwalltgrwn, and Fodor ap Ervyll, and Gwlch Minascwrn, and Llassar ap Llaesar Llaesgygwyd, and Pendaran Dyved as a young page with them. And they dwelt there as seven ministers in charge of this island; and Caradoc ap Bran was the chief amongst them.

All right, Caradoc: I get it; I get it. You can be in charge. You can even sit in the special chair while Bendy’s away. Oh, don’t bother, Iddic: it’s just not worth it.

Everyone, Caradoc’s now in charge, OK…? What? Fine. Caradoc ap Bran is in charge. (For fuck’s sake.)

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