The ballot is stronger than the breloc

Those who were wondering about the candidacies of K and me for little Pahamovca’s mayorship have a double disappointment ahead of them. Sadly, we both failed to obtain enough votes in the first round election, which was held coincidentally at the same time as the UK elections a few days ago.

The incumbent Orhei and his cronies are a bunch of Partidul Liberal goons, again entirely coincidentally of similar political stripes to Britain’s Tories only without the latter’s weird twitchy-legged europhobia. Being locally popular, these torie don’t even have to campaign in order to win plenty of lovely votes, making it all the more galling that neither K. nor I managed to qualify.

Still, we increased the share of the vote that our party of choice (which, just as coincidentally, marches under a Green banner) normally attracts, and I’m tremendously proud of K’s campaigning verve, which was considerably more energetic and committed than mine.

(This roman a cheie business is easier than I thought.)

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1 Response to The ballot is stronger than the breloc

  1. looby says:

    It’s the same round here – the Tories don’t need to canvass, so they don’t. Who can blame them. Our council covers hundreds of sqaure miles of rural hinterland, without which we’d have a Green-Lab coalition running the place.

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t make it and hope you’re not put off for next time.

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