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Ex nihilo nitor fit

This cluster of headaches continues. Often I feel like they’re the result of the buildup of something, some pointless store, deep in my body’s metabolism. The excitation of some wonky, long disused component of the nervous system, freely discarded by … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #5

I can wear unsuitable clothes most of the time, because the weather barely affects me between my car and the office. Also, I have a large metal locker that I take everywhere, which I can use to store lots of … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with me #2: headaches

Today I had the first of what I’m pretty certain are cluster headaches, the first for almost exactly two and a half years. If you don’t know what one of those is, then you should consider yourself rather fortunate. They’re … Continue reading

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Vehement dislike went out of fashion with Britpop

People hold grudges for wildly varying lengths of time: some forget slights when the anger of the moment subsides; others still aren’t talking to their closest relatives when one or other of them dies some fifty years later. But how … Continue reading

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Cotswolds bad driver ode #2

A M Bailey Makes you turn pale-y Swerves into Bird-in-Hand Like a flatulent gale-y

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My memory of Focus DIY

As Focus DIY implodes as gracelessly as a cowpat laid in slow-motion on a landmine, its second attempt at a CVA (or is it the third?) rejected by creditors sufficiently impatient that they might be mistaken for Focus customers, it’s … Continue reading

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