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Spiritual fruit and religious jams

A couple of weeks ago the weather was a bit wild on the way home: Oxfordshire invariably gets the rest of the country’s leavings, for which this time I was grateful. Merthyr Tydfil very manfully stepped in front of the … Continue reading

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The opportunity to secure ourselves

A few weeks ago I finally decided to try out cleated shoes and pedals on my main commuter bicycle. My older, heavier bike had toeclips on it, which someone else had fitted; I had always felt that the big, fat, … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #8

If I fired a starter pistol every morning at ten to seven, I’d be up before the magistrates before I knew it. But because it’s a motorcycle that I’m gunning when I wake everyone up, that’s absolutely fine.

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As you sow

At a greenish event this weekend, I bumped into one of the organizers of the local garden share scheme. You might remember how that ended for us, some sixteen months ago. I’ve no grudge against the organizer, though: far from … Continue reading

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Disease-ridden vermin… go back to school this week

Of course, I spoke too soon about my unalloyed joy at the goings-on at the bird-of-prey sanctuary. I should never have put myself in such close proximity to a dangerous vector for respiratory diseases: by which I mean, of course, … Continue reading

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The surest way to make a monkey of a man

I just finished Musings of a Monkey, by Steven Baxter. It’s partly a compilation of his blogposts (from Enemies of Reason and other sources), partly a handful of extended essays on the state of journalism and the ramifications of the … Continue reading

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Training owls; but next time we train ourselves

K. and I went to the Hawk Conservancy Trust last weekend, just west of Andover. It was a marvellous experience: the slightly understated nature of the birds in their enclosures is completely offset by the incredibly well choreographed displays: choreographed … Continue reading

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