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Season of longings

A couple of weekends ago one of my colleagues offered us all a day trip on the riverboat he lives on. K. and I joined a number of my co-workers in hopping on board – often literally, as it passed … Continue reading

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Goodbye, blackberry ways

This time of year, if you spend time at either end of the day in natural light, over time you can feel the minutes peeling off each new day’s length compared to yesterday’s. These shards drop away like talus from … Continue reading

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Find out what it means to me

(I want to write – indeed, still intend to write – about nicer cycling experiences. But events require me to at least make a historical record of what happened today. I must also apologise if I have to revise any … Continue reading

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Léigh moran agus scríobh tuilleadh

When Looby mentioned that it was Flann O’Brien’s birthday today, I wished the late gentleman a happy birthday on Twitter (a superstitious folly committed to the air, like saluting a magpie) and decided: that was that. But it’s since been … Continue reading

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Gallae sunt ibi divisa in partes duae

There are chickens next door. We first heard them making oddly unclucky noises and, forewarned by the neighbours, went upstairs to have a look out of the bathroom window. There are two of them, with toffee-coloured feathers and red, stupid … Continue reading

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Driver privilege #9

Cycling with headphones in is dangerous, and the cyclist has only himself to blame if there’s an accident. Having a loud sound system in your car is merely antisocial, and then only if you use it in a built-up area.

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