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What kind of hospitality, and what kind of happiness

Christmas has been spent in the bosom of my family-in-law. This year’s events made me want to spend the time with my parents: but as I had run out of holiday; as they had come over already in November; and … Continue reading

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You’ve got to be polite: I’m family

I have just rung my cousin to find that, not only did he split up from his wife of some twenty years in August, but another of my cousins did the same. And I’ve sent them both Christmas cards addressed … Continue reading

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Kindling that most marvellous liquor

I’ve been boycotting Amazon for its tax avoidance for ages now. Rather, I ought to say, boycotting it on and off. This year, in order to best deploy my resources on having a decent pre-Christmas with my parents (especially following … Continue reading

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This wasn’t the song about an easy lover that I thought it was going to be either

Easy lover! She’ll get a hold on you: believe it. She’s like no other; Perhaps she’ll die.

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Eight people liked this post

By the way, thank you for other types who seem to be liking or following my posts. Since moving from my own hosting to this shared environment, I still haven’t really got the hang of what that even means … Continue reading

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Not as much as when I put it back in

These last few weeks have been spent under a cloud, or rather several clouds, each of which have rather prevented me from writing in turn (although I did get another 5% of my secret project done.) After returning from the … Continue reading

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He lazeth on every roof

Over the weekend, I was distractedly brushing my teeth in the bathroom, both windows open to get rid of post-shower steam, when I saw an enormous bird land on the grass verge of the footpath, behind our house. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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In that rich earth

I don’t know if I’m even being ghoulish in mentioning it; so I will do so as quickly as I can, to complete the story: she’s gone.

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