Not as much as when I put it back in

These last few weeks have been spent under a cloud, or rather several clouds, each of which have rather prevented me from writing in turn (although I did get another 5% of my secret project done.) After returning from the north and then Cardiff, I felt the usual spasms start to ferment in my lower spine, and within a week I was… let’s say “walking funny.”

No sooner did my back muscles start to relent, than I dislocated my shoulder. A week ago today was particularly frosty, and so I was picking my way home on my bike, until an emergency vehicle began to loom far behind me. Like a good fellow road user I pulled over into a handy layby to let them past and changed right down to my lower gear.

As I set off again, my chain slipped, causing me to fall forward and stop myself with my palms on my handlebars, landing hard. Something then happened in my left shoulder – a rapid procession of dislocation/relocation – and how I managed to get off my bike with only one useful arm and a cleat still engaged, I have yet to really work out. For a few days afterwards I was slinged up, and my rotator cuff still hurts occasionally, warmly.

Back and shoulder on the mend, yesterday I came down with a terrible cold. I felt it building all day: I was having difficulty answering straightforward questions, and my throat was occasionally sore. The crux came after an evening meeting with local sustainability people (nice in themselves, but scarcely what I was up for) and I decided – probably already feverish – to put a few posters up on the outside of the building where an event is going to happen this weekend.

The weather last night was wild, to put it simply, and so I arrived home wet, cold, and shivering far beyond the reaches of any central heating, thermals or blankets. Today I have been mostly insensible for, having had a feverish night of no sleep, and suffering from a temperature and stuffy head. Only in the past few hours has the fog lifted, yet I still feel exhausted.

One of my goals for autumn was “Keep fit.” I appreciate, in retrospect, that such a goal was neither clever nor – in the project-management sense – SMART. My efforts are now directed towards K. letting it be notched up as a failure: after all, had I done more back exercises; had I actually agreed with my boss to do resistance-band exercises with him when my shoulder first went in bed a month or so ago; and had I, well… vitamin C? Echinacea? Something, anyway: I can’t help feel that, while colds are hardly avoidable, they rarely hit me quite so hard.

Let’s be honest, I’ve hardly spent the past few weeks – let alone months – as an advertisement for healthy living, unless the narrative of said campaign is “survival against all odds.” And they’re never going to get that one past the focus groups.

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2 Responses to Not as much as when I put it back in

  1. looby says:

    No justice is there – letting an emergency vehicle through and getting a dislocated and relocated shoulder as a result.

    Re keeping fit, I’m sure you’re already in the top 10% of fitness (and yes, I realise this is the UK from which we are speaking). It’s not a “failure”. There’s no limit to the list of things that one can find one has failed to meet.

  2. smallbeds says:

    That’s true, but we did write down fifteen ways to stop us getting miserable in autumn, and we’ve ticked off 12 of them so one with a cross isn’t so bad. Besides, if ticking off is going to mean anything in terms of success, it’s because each one has had the possibility of ending up with a cross by them. That’s science, right? Or maybe it’s Beckettian, I’m not sure.

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