You’ve got to be polite: I’m family

I have just rung my cousin to find that, not only did he split up from his wife of some twenty years in August, but another of my cousins did the same. And I’ve sent them both Christmas cards addressed to them plus their respective spouses. Apparently my mother and my auntie have been in cahoots regarding my ignorance of this, constructing a wall of silence around it because it’s not something that families (or probably more specifically Catholic families) are meant to talk about.

At least my cousin took the error in a decently festive spirit. But given what capricious and frequently irrational creatures families can clearly be, then that was no means guaranteed. Thanks a bundle, you buggers.

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2 Responses to You’ve got to be polite: I’m family

  1. I worked out my cousin had split up from her husband of 4ish years only just in time to avoid making the same mistake. I looked at her Facebook (which she’d recently removed and re-added me from) in an attempt to remind myself how to spell Caolan and Oisin (the kids) and discovered she was listed as in a relationship with someone else I’d never heard of! My mum and dad hadn’t heard anything at that point, so I’m not quite sure how long it’s been true!

  2. looby says:

    This Nonconformist Christian family isn’t much better. My mum suprised me by being very slow to tell anyone she was closer to than me that me and Kirsty had split up. I moved out in April and we received several Christmas cards the following Christmas addressed to both of us. Perhaps she feels some sense of shame, that the family had been cast in a dishonourable light.

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