Moove it or lose it

I’ve decided to cease slowing down in order to let drivers turn right across my lane. Too often I’ve found that gestures, head-nods and even shouting at the oncoming driver are all completely ignored, as I lose my hard-earned momentum and practically come to a stop.

For all the good it does, I might as well offer a tiramisu to a cow as offer road space to a right-turner. I’d only end up with the same amount of passive, bovinely empty regard and complete lack of sapient response. In future it’s probably best if I just express inward gratitude at the fact that at one or two Cotswolds drivers know the basics of indicator use; but otherwise keep on pedalling.

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1 Response to Moove it or lose it

  1. @HTFB says:

    I go for determined eye contact, a distinct movement to the middle of the lane to make it abso-tmetic-lutely clear you’re not turning left, and a bullish set to the shoulders to round off the ensemble. Admittedly you have an unusual concentration of fuckwits on the roads nearest you.

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