Incommunicado or incapacitated

I have spent much of the first month and a bit of 2013 in the fug of very low-level, rather mediocre illness. My Christmas cold finally faded away, to be replaced by another one in late January. Meanwhile my sprained wrist continues to hurt very occasionally, having survived a skiing trip without getting any worse, only by being splinted up every day with a metal rod, and doused in ibuprofen.

This isn’t mentioned to elicit sympathy particularly, not least because it’s not exactly earth-shattering sickness. But along with this grumbling under the weather I’ve had few periods away from the computer: first abroad; then by choice, owing to some odd bug with our home network meaning sometimes one of us gets forced off of an evening. So I haven’t had a great deal of free time, desire or energy to write anything here, not out of any plan so much as coincidence.

There seems little point in writing such a post, that’s almost a non-post. The only reason this is here is that almost new year I have my usual wrestling with doubts about what I want this blog to do, to signify; I often mention that here, ominously, as if to say: maybe this time I’ll pack it all in and leave you all for good, you fools! All I’m saying is that this year’s sudden silence is a result of far more boring circumstances. If you were lying awake at night wondering what might have become of me, wonder no longer.

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1 Response to Incommunicado or incapacitated

  1. 1looby says:

    Phew! I can relax now 🙂
    I quite like the meandering nature your blog has taken on lately. The commonplace is often very interesting. Get well soon (we’ve all had the lergy this winter. This one seems to have a very long tail).

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