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Mews report

The cat is entirely back to her old self, if not with a vengeance. She’s been much more active than previously, and had to be shut out of the bedroom yesterday for playing shakeymouse with, in turn: some hair ties, … Continue reading

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One can become enthusiastic over anything

The cat hasn’t been well. When getting around at anything higher than a cautious paw-by-paw pace, she’s been holding her back left leg up and limping along. She’s been eating her food throughout, which suggests her tough little spirit hasn’t … Continue reading

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Veni, Vidi, Ici

After I’d spontaneously forgotten my credit-card PIN, I decided take a couple of hours out to recharge my batteries and replace all those blown fuses. I’ve got a soft spot for the recently rebuilt Ashmolean – although there are very … Continue reading

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Involve me and I forget

After planning and then implementing yet another evening conference yesterday, I could hear my own fuses blowing today. Socialising, and especially “being professional,” depletes a certain reserve in my brain, and the day after I tend to be cranky, headachy, … Continue reading

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