To work one day at a time

The past few weeks have been rather packed for me, which will I hope explain such a long period of blog-related silence. Worry not unduly, for all continues well in the mighty, vaulted halls of Smallbeds of that ilk; laird, lady and livestock are all hale and hearty, more or less: but the tone and pace of life in this gently rolling vale are even now changing at unprecedented speed.

I have quit my job of nine years, to go freelance. There: after all that pseudo-Waverley nonsense, I rather hoped that might get your attention. But, yes, I’m leaving my old and much appreciated employer, to set out on what seems either like a fool’s errand or a glorious adventure, depending on your point of view and – I fear – whether or not you are indulging in it through rose-tinted spectacles.

In the virtual or at any rate online sense, my plan is to spend considerable time collaborating with some of the individuals and agencies that I have – all too frequently from afar – admired and gazed at hungrily during the past few of my indentured years. But whatever happens, I hope at least I will be able to spend the winter months in those same vaulted halls; or at any rate, our once-pokey, now-snug home office.

Seeing as the first few clouds of late, growling autumn are gathering over Castle Smallbeds while I type this, the move seems more timely than ever. Here’s to a season of excitement and novelty, rooted all the while deeply enough in this place, that no me wintry blast of trepidation or uncertainty can do aught to shake it loose.

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3 Responses to To work one day at a time

  1. 1looby says:

    You had my attention before you mentioned Waverley which I haven’t read in any case. This all sounds very optimistic, and I am vicariously jealous of your snug home office, even without seeing it. Bon chance!

    • smallbeds says:

      Thanks, Looby. I’m so risk-averse about it all that it’s untrue: every few days I have to regulate my breathing at the very thought….

      • 1looby says:

        You’ll be alright. And beta-blockers can be had off the dark internet for half a bitcoin for fifty if it doesn’t work out.

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