All I ask is a tall ship

It’s done; I have set sail. As of last Thursday, I am no longer anyone’s indentured crew; rather, it’s now up to me to navigate where I will, and up to me to reach every destination with my craft intact.

Playing the part of a part-time landlubber these past seven weeks has helped me overcome my fear of the vast uncharted oceans ahead of me, but if anything that experience has also made my path to this freedom all the more uncanny and troubling, as I’ve already mentioned.

Maybe that gradual easing-out did eventually give me just that little bit more momentum, to clear the bay and get out into the stronger currents. Because that’s where I feel like I am now: with my first entirely independent day chock full of work behind me; but stormy, empty seas ahead of me, only dotted islands apparent this side of the cold winds and rains of dark December.

But I’m not alone on this craft: K. and the cat bring their cheer and their warmth, separately and together. In my heart, at least, I’m set fair for some time yet.

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2 Responses to All I ask is a tall ship

  1. looby says:

    Ah, well if there’s a cat to help, all will be fine. Good luck! Because I’m sure pure luck will come into it at some point.

    • smallbeds says:

      Well, yes, quite. I’ve planned as well as I can, given my sheer lack of knowledge; but it’s surprising how rapidly the long-term dead certs can all evaporate at once, and I just miss each one in turn, leaving me with occasional bits and pieces. But right now bits and pieces will do me just fine.

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