Like Ma Bell, I got an ill deceleration

I’m sat here planning a journey again: tomorrow, heading up north, 150 miles there, 150 back. I’m sat here feeling ill again: a cold, traceable to a client meeting I didn’t want or need to go to. Sometimes it feels like I do most of my UK travelling when I’m ill. I think it’s just that I do most of it in the winter months.

Yesterday I came home late from another client meeting I ditto etc, and started to feel the collapse late in the evening. K. even made me a second paracetamol drink at 2.30am, shortly after cleaning up catsick from the bedroom floor. Now that’s love. This morning I’ve felt a little spaced most of the day, but I think I’m gradually recovering. I even managed to run out in the sudden hailstorm earlier to rescue some plants.

This particular journey has been prompted by the fact that Grandad has had a fall again—apparently fine, but—and my parents are too far away in Spain; meanwhile my auntie—herself recovering from a hip-op—can’t be ferried to Grandad’s nursing home by her son—himself recovering from multiple hernia surgery. We’re all of us falling apart; the family cannot hold. And I’m driving because of the short notice and no lifts, but I’ve just discovered it’s meant to start snowing mid-afternoon, rather close to our destination.

Wish us luck. And Lemsip.

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2 Responses to Like Ma Bell, I got an ill deceleration

  1. looby says:

    On a Sunday?

    150 miles from yours falls short of Lancashire I think, but we had snow and the most hostile, slanting rain on Sunday (fortunately not noticed on the dancefloor where I spent the weekend). Hope you made it.

    It must be difficult, feeling that extra layer of anxiety that distance from deteriorating family members brings.

    • smallbeds says:

      Yes, it’s all very confusing – made worse by the fact that I was absolutely full of a cold – and should all become clearer soon.

      Sunday’s sleety, shitty snow was really remarkable, but we had just got off the major A roads when it arrived, so that wasn’t so bad. Today’s journey back has just been occasional massive downpours and lorries overtaking other lorries.

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