Settled to Car-free

We’re here. The broadband went live today, a week after originally planned. A locksmith has changed our locks. A plumber has OK’ed our boiler, but failed our gas fire, which now has the ignominy of a big yellow-and-red sticker on it saying it shouldn’t be reconnected until the flue has been somehow re-flued (I forget the details, but it sounded expensive.)

Meanwhile, the car’s MOT is due on October 20, and we’re opting to fail it before it fails itself. This is unlikely to end well: for the car.

(More updates later: now we’re online, we need to do an online shop. Online.)

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2 Responses to Settled to Car-free

  1. looby says:

    Welcome to The North! Glad you made it here eventually.

    Sheffield’s one of the easier places in which to be car-less for a bit I suppose, although the lack of a fire isn’t something I’d wish on anyone moving to Yorkshire, so hope you are re-flued soon.

    • smallbeds says:

      (Cough: “welcome *back”!)

      Thank you all the same. We’re a bit worried about the fire, but at least the plumber also showed us how to squeeze a bit more heat out of the elderly boiler and wacky piping. This should stand us in good stead, as we have to get a structural engineer round to check out the noted potential problems with the roof, before sending the plumber up there to drop down a flue lining. Ho hum.

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