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An over-examined life

… Even when I was sat there, watching that bird, I was thinking to myself: who should I tell about this? It struck me as very much like something out of a book. I don’t know if that’s piteous or … Continue reading

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The death of the subject

A lot of the time I can’t deal with stressful novels. It took me several run-ups before I was able to career and carom through Kafka’s┬áThe Trial:┬áseveral-less-one false starts followed by a particularly relaxed few weekends. More generally my nerves … Continue reading

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The death of the author

When I find an artist – author, musician, painter – who excites me completely, from head to toe, it sometimes suits my appreciation of their work if they’re long since dead. I know that sounds ghoulish, but it isn’t meant … Continue reading

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Wee shall overcome

Yesterday, while waiting for my bike to be repaired in one of the nearest decent cycle shops to Witney (i.e. Oxford), I had a few hours of free time in which to rattle round in the city centre. Luckily I’d … Continue reading

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Meyer than just Blair

For those who’ve not been following the serialization of Sir Christopher Meyer’s memoir in the Guardian, a snippet: At the White House reception that evening we ran into Michael Flatley, who was at the height of his Riverdance fame. One … Continue reading

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