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Now we can all stop being stupid, right?

I’d seen the Age of Stupid before last night’s premiere, being involved very tangentially at one point. I remember when the lights went up at the end on that occasion, and many of the people in the audience—the majority of … Continue reading

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It's Larry Lessig on the Cluesaphone, paging the music industry

Having an opinion diametrically opposed to a noted professor has hardly impeded politicians in the past, but you’d like to think it was worth our glorious leaders noting that almost everyone except the big music companies and their free-bun infrastructures … Continue reading

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Let's all begin the Age of Clever together

This weekend I saw one of the most important films of this generation, and the best documentary I have ever seen. I was privileged to be at the premiere of Age of Stupid, the new release from Spanner Films. Until … Continue reading

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