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I told you I was ill prepared

Between organizing a local event, being sidetracked for a day or two by writing here, and then going up north to visit my parents, I have indeed been completely sidetracked from my NaNoWriMo project. In a way, worrying about writing … Continue reading

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Life is a do-it-yourself project

The year has rolled around to the months during which I traditionally try to plan some sort of literary project for Christmas. I finally finished Exercises in Song a few months ago (I don’t blame anyone who didn’t notice) and … Continue reading

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Wassailing me

Every year during the twelve days of Christmas I try to read A Christmas Carol. I maintain that it’s no more or less pathetic or maudlin than watching It’s a Wonderful Life every time it’s on, but then whether that … Continue reading

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Twas the green flashing status light before Christmas

It turns out to be trivially easy to “hack into” the Skyfi at one’s parents-in-law’s house (the password is printed on the underside of the router), but I do have to return to the merry throng presently and be sociable … Continue reading

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Wanted: PDF printing in Oxford

Ah. I need to be able to print two small PDFs, fairly soonish. They’d need to be duplex, and one of them needs to be printed two pages to a side. Anyone any thoughts on where to do this in … Continue reading

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Exercises in Song 2008: it gets serious when you do banner adverts

Exercises in Song 2008 starts on Monday 1 December: that’s in two days’ time!. If you’re interested in literary experiments, silly drinking songs and the Oulipo school of verbal experimentation—and who isn’t, eh, hahaha?—then there’s more information on the Quiet … Continue reading

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Another Pocketful of Lies, free to your door this Christmas

For those of you not paying much attention (I don’t blame you), Quiet little Lies has had a new revamp, quieter but more fundamental than before. Expect new content, more often. There’s even a LiveJournal syndication for those who fancy … Continue reading

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