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A later "Tom and Jerry" when the two of them could talk

Momus has discussed the late-70s/early-80s life and times of Alberto Camerini in a recent post. It was in the context of a recent BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia, and he helpfully links to the first ten minutes of the documentary for … Continue reading

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If it quacks like a duck

It’s great to see Amy Winehouse receiving her due at the Music Of Duck Origin awards last night. Nobody has done more to promote anatidine and duckroots music than Winehouse, and her recent troubles didn’t prevent her from being on … Continue reading

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I could have heard one of these songs first

Dear Stuart Maconie, Thank you. I’d heard about Nick Drake before, but to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to tell him and Neil Young apart. I mean, I’d never heard any of his music, but I’d heard a … Continue reading

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Much like Papa

Last week I decided to have a read of Rolling Stone. I’d love to say it was on a whim, but Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were on the cover. Go, Packers! I’ve not read the whole magazine before, although … Continue reading

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The cheek of it

I see Radiohead’s Jon Greenwood has been voted Radio 3’s Listener’s Composer of 2006. About time, I say. That gentleman deserves an award for his bone structure alone. But you have to wonder what Philip Hensher would say about this … Continue reading

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And shake the foundations from this guy

When something smacks at first glance of out-and-out snobbery, I tend to want to believe there’s something in it. So often genuinely useful suggestions—when did singling out the élite suddenly become a liability, for example?—are dismissed as the opinions of … Continue reading

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