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Life is a do-it-yourself project

The year has rolled around to the months during which I traditionally try to plan some sort of literary project for Christmas. I finally finished Exercises in Song a few months ago (I don’t blame anyone who didn’t notice) and … Continue reading

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Too drunk to pluck

Last night (and much of this morning’s early bits) was spent at j4 and addedentry‘s housewarming. Despite their rashness in implicitly inviting all two million or so LiveJournal users, the house was merely comfortably crowded and, eventually, warmed. By 3am … Continue reading

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Parp and ride

I know to say it is submitting to the great borough of Hackneyed in much the same way as telling someone how bad George Bush is, but bagpipes are absolutely fucking awful. I mean, here is an instrument that’s (unless … Continue reading

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