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Et in arcades ego

Last weekend we went to Cardiff. Trips away are trickier now we’ve got a cat: certainly weekends with K’s family have fallen into a slightly complicated routine. K. heads off on Friday; I stay until Saturday morning; and either I … Continue reading

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People who agonized over these decisions also agonized over

While we’re on the subject of commerce, it’s worth revising a couple of my longstanding resolutions with regards to online purchases. If nothing else, exposing my hypocrisy at least makes me feel less like I’m being wilfully misleading and more … Continue reading

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Support your local record store, or the environment?

I very gladly took part in Record Store Day this year. Witney might not have much, but it does have one of the very few independent record shops in Oxfordshire, and a real gem at that: Rapture Entertainment. The previous … Continue reading

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Oh, suddenly EVERYONE's a lexicographer

When they’re not prosecuting their devoted customers through the RIAA, big labels like EMI are trying to pretend they’re everybody’s friend. Such was the discovery of thenulldevice, when he found a sampler in Rough Trade Records which helpfully defined the … Continue reading

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I'd be crazy not to follow, follow where you lead

My In Rainbows discbox finally arrived on Friday, after much redirection over Christmas. It’s a work of art in itself, a book-in-box like the Folio Society produces, with two 45rpm, 12″ vinyls bookending a padded gatefold sleeve. Inside there’s two … Continue reading

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We are all in the jazz and easy-listening department, but some of us are looking up at the white labels

Those who like their chains to not look like chains might blanch at the news that Fopp are in serious trouble. Certainly I’d rather the branch at the corner of Gloc Green was a Fopp than a HMV or Virgin, … Continue reading

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Three inches forward, two inches back

As part of my ongoing one-upmanship with the employee of the local record shop (utterly unbeknownst to him, I’m sure) I took in a semi-rare CD of Les Savy Fav yesterday to let be played/show off. Rather tactlessly, this might … Continue reading

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